Kytopen Leadership

Leadership Team

Kytopen is led by a team deeply rooted in biotechnology and commercialization.
  • Michael Chiu
    Michael Chiu, PhD
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Bethany Grant

    Bethany Grant

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Kevin Gutshall
    Kevin Gutshall
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • David Barone
    David Barone
    Vice President of Product Development & Operations
  • Steve Falzone
    Steve Falzone, CPA, MBA
    Director of Finance
  • Ta Hang

    Ta-Chun Hang, PhD
    Senior Director of Scientific Research

  • Lexi Kantor
    Lexi Kantor
    Director of People Operations
  • Eduardo Latouche
    Eduardo Latouche, MS
    Director of Technology Research
  • Jonathan Leff
    Jonathan Leff, PhD
    Vice President of Application Development & Computational Science
  • Luke Ursell

    Luke Ursell, PhD
    Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

Board of Directors

  • Cullen Buie

    Cullen Buie, PhD

  • Ed Freeman

    Ed Freeman
    The Engine Ventures

  • Joseph Gentile
    Joseph Gentile
  • Paxton Major
    Paxton Major
    Northpond Ventures
  • Vinit Nijhawan
    Vinit Nijhawan
  • Patrick Zhang

    Paulo Garcia, PhD
    Horizons Ventures

  • Paul Wotton
    Paul K. Wotton, PhD
    Board Chair

Scientific Advisory Board

Kytopen's Scientific Advisory Board provides technical and strategic guidance for research and development for all aspects of the Flowfect® platform.
  • Jared Auclair
    Jared R. Auclair, PhD
    Northeastern University
  • Katie Galloway
    Katie Galloway, PhD
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ahmed Kahlil

    Ahmad (Mo) Khalil, PhD
    Boston University

  • Stanley Qi
    Stanley Qi, PhD
    Stanford University
  • Mikhail Shapiro
    Mikhail Shapiro, PhD
  • Omid Veiseh

    Omid Veiseh, PhD
    Rice University

  • Cullen Buie
    Cullen Buie, PhD
    Scientific Advisory Board Chair
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Kytopen is proud to be founded as a spin out of Dr. Buie's laboratory, where Dr. Garcia worked as a post-doctoral researcher, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Cullen Buie
    Cullen Buie, PhD
  • Paulo Garcia
    Paulo Garcia, PhD

KYTOPEN enables cell engineering from discovery to manufacturing