Scientific Advisory Board

This dynamic panel of experts provides technical and strategic guidance for Kytopen’s Research & Development programs

  • Jared Auclair
    Jared R. Auclair, PhD
    Northeastern University
  • Katie Galloway
    Katie Galloway, PhD
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ahmed Kahlil

    Ahmad (Mo) Khalil, PhD
    Boston University

  • Stanley Qi
    Stanley Qi, PhD
    Stanford University
  • Mikhail Shapiro
    Mikhail Shapiro, PhD
  • Omid Veiseh

    Omid Veiseh, PhD
    Rice University

  • Cullen Buie
    Cullen Buie, PhD
    Scientific Advisory Board Chair
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

KYTOPEN enables cell engineering from discovery to manufacturing