Flowfect Profile Designer™

Flowfect Profile Designer is Kytopen's application to customize the settings of the Flowfect® profile used for transfection. Flowfect Profile Designer creates profiles that can be used on Flowfect Tx™ and Flowfect Discover™.

Launch Kytopen's Flowfect Profile Designer using the button below. A new page will open for the application. 

Experiment Downloads

Flowfect® Profiles

Kytopen has released Flowfect® profile settings for some combinations of cells and payloads. Download the encrypted file by clicking the corresponding button below. Then, refer to the Instructions for Use document for the instrument to install the profile.

If your combination is not listed here, contact the Field team using the support portal at the bottom of this page.

Cell Type


Profile Download

T-cell mRNA TM11
T-cell RNP TR10

Flowfect Discover™ Plate Configuration Template

Download the Flowfect Discover™ Plate Configuration template to quickly and easily design plate layouts from the comfort of you computer. 

NOTE: This template is a macro-enabled Microsoft Excel file. Proper use requires a Microsoft Excel license and enabling macros. Contact the Kytopen Field team via the support portal for additional assistance.

User Information

Download the Instructions for Use document or other relevant information for our products.



Catalog Number(s)

Flowfect Discover™

Instructions for Use

Liquid Handler Operating Manual

Flowfect Tx™ Instructions for Use KYT-2200-US
Flowfect Buffer™ Instructions for Use KYT-3006 (500mL)
KYT-3005 (250mL)
KYT-3007 (125mL)


Software Downloads and Release Notes

Certain software updates are available for self-service. Download them here, then refer to the Instructions for Use document for the instrument for installation instructions.

December 13, 2023: Kytopen announces the release of Flowfect Discover software version 1.2. Contact the Field team to learn more and schedule your software update today. View the release notes here to learn more.

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