Kytopen on February 07, 2023

MIT News: 3 Questions: Cullen Buie on a new era for cell therapies

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The associate professor of MechE reflects on how his company, Kytopen, has grown and shifted focus in developing safer immunotherapies.
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CaptionAssociate Professor Cullen Buie
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Genetic engineering and personalized cell therapies could transform health care. In recent years, stem cells and gene-editing tools like CRISPR have been making headlines for the possibilities they offer to treat diseases, including cancer. But engineering cells is a slow, labor-intensive process, making it difficult to produce personalized therapies at scale.

The startup Kytopen, co-founded by MIT Associate Professor Cullen Buie and former MIT postdoc and research scientist Paolo Garcia, offers a solution that could lead to the mass production of genetically engineered cells. Here, Buie answers some questions about how Kytopen has grown since its founding.

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